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Random Acts of Amy by Urban Farmgirl

Click this collage to see my vendor profile!

I’m in the home stretch for prepping for Urban Farmgirl’s Main Street Market at Midway Village in Rockford, IL on Saturday, May 10th! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I’ve been working hard to make sure I have a lot of quality hand embroidered items for sale.

This is my first event where I’ll be a vendor, and I couldn’t have picked one with a more supportive and kind organizer! Mary (aka Urban Farmgirl) has been an absolute dream to work with, and she’s helped me so much! Today I’m the featured vendor profile on her social media sites! I mean, how many other organizers have you seen feature her vendors in her social media outlets?!? If you’re in the Northern Illinois region, you HAVE to stop by her shop when you’re in town!

If you come to The Market (as my husband and I refer to it), please stop by my tent. I’m going to have a lot of neat items, and I’m going to raffle a piece to one lucky person!

Stitchy Swap with &Stitches!



Stitchy Swap with &Stitches

Join me in participating in this Stitchy Swap put on by &Stitches! You have through April 18th to sign up. There’s a small fee to sign up ($2.56 USD/£1.00), and the organizers did this in hopes that participants would be more apt to finish and send their pieces on time.

This is an international swap, so there the possibility you could embroider for someone in a country other than your own – how fun!

From the &Stitches blog post about the swap:

The theme for the swap is ‘Places’. It could be anything: the place you live, the place where your swap partner lives, somewhere you’d like to visit, your favourite holiday destination. Maybe an imaginary or fictional place! The place has to be somewhere tangible, and we count Hogwarts and the Forest Moon of Endor as tangible even if you can’t actually visit them. ;-)

Are you going to join in the fun? I hope so!

Getting Ready for Market


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According to the countdown calendar I just installed, Urban Farmgirl’s Main Street Market at Midway Village in Rockford, IL is a short 34 days away! Todd and I have been hard at work getting everything ready for it. This is my first event as a vendor, and at this point I’m equal parts excited and nervous.

Here’s a smattering of the product that we’ll have for sale. If you click on a picture, you’ll see the description at the bottom, and you can navigate through a slideshow.

So…what are you doing Saturday, May 10th? I hope you will stop by this event, and if you do, please stop by and say Hi!

Random Tip: Floss for Birds


I save my floss scraps and ends in this jar, which was one of the centerpieces at my wedding.

With the amount of embroidering that I do, I end up with a lot of embroidery floss bits and ends. Instead of dumping them in the trash can, I save them in this cute Mason jar (which was one of our wedding center pieces that held a bunch of wild flowers).

In the Spring, I spread the floss piece in the trees and bushes like tinsel on an Xmas tree. Industrious birds will pluck the floss from the branches and use them to build their nests. It’s certainly better than seeing some of the icky things I’ve seen birds use to build their nests! The weirdest was a bunch of latex gloves twined amidst branches and grass.


Have you done this same thing? Or are you doing it now? I’d love to see pictures! Please leave a link in the comments. I will post any nests I find that have my floss in them!

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Day 9: Keep Calm and…


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List 9 Keep CalmDay Nine of 30 Days of Lists, and, guess what?! I got to write the blog post for this day on the 30 Days of Lists website! Here is what I wrote:


This list was so much fun for me! I love, love, love the iconography behind, “Keep Calm and Carry On.” I adore anything British, and this statement makes a lot of sense to me. Instead of freaking out and getting all worked up…just keep calm…and carry on!

Instead of keeping my lists in a scrapbook format, I decided to go digital with this round of 30 Days of Lists (I’m pretty sure I’ve been a Lister from the start). But I also want to do something to show off my creative side, so I drew this representation of my prompt, Keep Calm and…

I will let you in on a little secret…I am not a very good drawer. Really! I’m not! I’m well aware of this, and I’ve (kind of) come to terms with it. But it doesn’t stop me from trying, and it certainly doesn’t stop me from enjoying the process! It’s A LOT of fun to sit down with a fresh piece of paper and a box of markers – no matter how old you are!

Keep Calm and…

 …Embroider {This is my FAVORITE artistic endeavor, and I think EVERYONE should embroider. If you don’t know how to, I am more than happy to teach you! Or, at least, point you in the direction of some great books and online resources.}

 …Play with a dog {I have three dogs, and I admit that I have a favorite among them. She’s my 4 lb., 5 ½ year old Chihuahua named Zuzu, and I often describe her as the love of my life (Don’t tell my husband or son!). You’ll see a lot of her on Instagram J Also part of the pack, and very well-loved is Mina, a 10 ½ year old Pitador, and Sidney, a Chihuahua of unknown age (somewhere between 5-10 years old).}

 …Play with a cat {Rounding out our menagerie is my 11 ½ year old black cat, Karma. She is pretty much the best cat in the world.}

 …Read a trashy book {I’m a Librarian, and I don’t care what you read, just as long as you read! And I’ve been known to enjoy a steamy romance a time or two (or 500).}

…Eat chocolate {Because, well, do you really NEED a reason to eat chocolate?!?}

…Tell 6 people, “I love you” {We need more love in the world. You never know what could happen from one moment to the next, so why not let people know you love them?}

 …Write a letter to your Grandma {Or your Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, whomever. Getting a hand written letter in your mailbox is nearly becoming extinct. Let’s keep this art form alive!}

…Listen to The Clash {Because they are THE BEST band in the world. Period. End of story.}

 …Eat a cupcake {Just like chocolate, do you really NEED a reason to eat a cupcake? Nope. Just eat one.}

…Smile at a stranger {You never know what someone is going through. Maybe your little smile, that doesn’t cost you anything, will be the nicest thing that will happen to a person all day.}

…Be Awesome! {You need to believe and know that You. Are. Awesome! Really! You are – I promise I wouldn’t lie to you!}

Thank you for taking a look at my list! I’d love to see how you interpreted this prompt. If you’re blogging your 30 Days of Lists, please leave a link in the comments.


Amy {Random Acts of Amy}


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