Homemade Naturally Flavoured Water

On a recent trip to Bay City, Michigan I had a glass of cucumber water. It was so refreshing on the 90+ degree day! I can’t stop drinking it. All you have to do is fill a pitcher or glass with ice cold water and slice some cucumber into it. You can keep refilling your glass or pitcher with water and reuse the cucumbers. It will last for about a day in a pitcher before the cucumbers get kinda slimy.

I thought about other herb combinations that I could try using fresh herbs from my container garden. From left to right in the picture below, I tried the following combinations:

Cucumber and Basil
Rosemary and Cucumber
French Lavender and Basil

I let them sit for 24 hours in my refrigerator, and here is what I found:

The Cucumber and Basil blend tasted mainly like cucumber, and it was good.

The Cucumber and Rosemary blend tasted mainly of rosemary with a slight cucumber taste. I was expecting it to taste horrible, but it wasn’t bad.

The French Lavender and Basil blend was my least favourite. The flavour of lavender was very overpowering. This maybe wouldn’t have been as bad if it didn’t steep for 24 hours. I think a French Lavender and Lemon combination would taste good.

What herb combinations have you tried?