Book Review: A Small Furry Prayer

I listened to A Small Furry Prayer on my commute back and forth to work. I’d find myself so engrossed in what was being said, that I’d realize 10 minutes had passed, and I had reached my destination!

Not only is this a story about dog rescue, but it’s also the philosophy and scientific research behind animals, dogs in particular. I learned that the panting noise my Chihuahua Zuzu makes when she’s playing with me, and that she joins in with me when I make the noise, is actually doggie laughter. I learned that my Pitbull/Lab mix Mina is an altruistic being when, at 75 pounds, she “let’s” 4 pound Zuzu win at wrestling.

There were times that I cried. Times when I had to skip ahead to the next track because the cruelty that other people showed to animals was too much for me to bear to listen to.

I commend Steve and Joy for the wonderful work that they’re doing to help save dogs. We need more people like them in this world; people who value other lives as much as they value their own, and realize that we’re all in on it together on this planet.

I recommend this book to anyone who has a soft spot for animals of any kind – not just dogs. You will learn so much about animals of all kinds. You’ll find out why it is animals do the things they do. You will also discover a new appreciation for animals great and small, wild and domesticated.

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