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I started a Facebook page for Random Acts of Amy. I want to separate some of what I’m posting on my personal Facebook account into a page especially for Random Acts of Amy content. I’m worried that I’m annoying my friends with the crafty updates I post on my personal account.

As you know, I like to create Random Acts of Crafting (RAC). These are craft items I create specifically for people just to surprise them and {hopefully} make them happy. My most recent RACs were for my husband, my friend Shannon, and Todd’s mom and stepdad.

I’ve been trying to think what I’d make for someone next. The I figured that I’d do it through my Facebook page – once I hit 100 likes, I’ll create a RAC for one lucky recipient that I’ll draw randomly. This could get tricky if I don’t know the person, and they’ll be tipped off when I randomly ask them for their address, but I’m up for the challenge!

Like the Random Acts of Amy Facebook page for your chance to enter! If you’re not reading this from my blog with the link, just search for Random Acts of Amy on Facebook to find my page.

About My Latest Random Acts of Crafting:

I hand embroidered the four animal for Shannon’s and Cynthia’s adorable twin boys using a Sublime Stitching pattern.

I hand embroidered the black sheep using an Urban Threads pattern.

I hand embroidered Barb & Sam using a pattern I created with fonts on my computer.

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