I’ve missed a few days of 30 Days of Lists because of illness and injury. For the past couple of months, everyone around me, including my husband, has been dropping like flies with this coughing crud that seems to linger. I hadn’t caught it, which really surprised me since I seem to catch everything that comes along! I let a coworker use my pen, and I didn’t sanitize it afterwards. I started to feel lousy Wednesday night, and was down for the count by Thursday. On Friday, I changed the cat’s litter (like I have a thousand times before), and, as I bent over, something happened in my lower back. It’s starting to feel better now, but is still sore.

Needless to say, I’ve been a mess for almost a week! I’ve been living on Aleve, DayQuil, and NyQuil.

Instead of typing up my lists for the challenge, I wrote them out. I even made a few drawings! Check it out…I’m going to practice more with my handwriting, and I’m learning how to draw and doodle. I particularly like my mac and cheese and beach scene.