We’re Buying a House!


Todd and I put an offer on the above house, and it was accepted! This homebuying process is more intense than it was in the last houses I bought. Besides our Realtor, we had to also get an attorney, which I didn’t have to do before.

Our closing date in June 26th, and I’m trying not to worry about every little thing that could go wrong. Our Realtor is confident, our mortgage broker is confident, and Todd is confident. Me? I’m stuck on the 1,001 things that could go wrong! We have to give notice at our rented townhome by May 15th, which is a month and a half before our closing date (chosen by us because of our lease). What if something goes wrong between the time we give notice and the day we’re supposed to close??!!


I’m trying really hard not to worry too much, but’s a struggle for me! I’ve started packing up our place; this is going to be a loooong process. As I’m going through our stuff, I’m also weeding out the things we don’t want to keep enough to move. It will be nice to move less belongings.

Do you have moving tips?