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Made with the A Beautiful Mess App

Made with the A Beautiful Mess App

Today is my 44th birthday! I like birthdays where the numbers are the same – it makes them fun, at least in my mind. Being 44 now seems so different to me than when my parents were 44. Or maybe it’s just my own perception. That’s the kind of thing I ponder…what things/events/stages mean to me, versus what they may have meant to my parents or people 100 years ago. I’m certain I must have been a philosopher in a past life!

A couple of people have said that next year when I turn 45 I’ll be “middle age”, but I don’t buy that. For one thing, I plan on living to 100, so that would make 50 smack dab in the middle. For another, I don’t have the kind of money I’d need to buy a Vespa, and I am over the moon in love with my husband. And anyway, it’s 2013, and we’re just a few months shy of 2014, so what does age really mean or matter anymore? When my grandmas were my age, they were wearing polyester pantsuits and getting their hair set at the beauty parlour once a week!

I’ve read about younger people making, “25 Things Before 25″ or “30 Things Before 30″, and I’ve always thought it was so neat. But when I read their lists, I would start to feel old. But, you know what? Goals are fun! Even when I don’t stick to them, at least I try! So I am going to come up with, “45 Things I Want to do before I Turn 45!”

Since I only just came up with this concept for myself last night as I was laying in bed, I don’t yet have all 45 things figured out. But I have some, and they are (in no particular order):

  1. Go sky diving.
  2. Visit 5 museums.
  3. Make a gourmet meal.
  4. Bake a two layer cake from scratch.
  5. Create a “painted” embroidery piece.
  6. Submit embroidery I created to an art show/magazine/website – something like that.
  7. Develop a monthly embroidery challenge.
  8. Finish three e-courses.
  9. Sew a skirt.
  10. Compete in some kind of physical activity.
  11. Get a(nother) tattoo.
  12. Sell my embroidery – Etsy, a shop, or something else.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten. As you can see, I have 33 more items to figure out.

If you were doing a list like this, what items would you put on it?