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Where did 2013 go?! Honestly, I feel like it’s December 2012, and I’m thinking how awesome 2013 is going to be. But here I am in December already! Luckily, 2013 HAS been awesome, but it seems as though it went by far too quickly. Do you feel the same way? Or is this just another thing that happens as you get older (like “Progressives lenses”, which is really a nice way of saying “no line trifocals”)?!?

You read about the Big News that I {finally} got my Etsy shop
RandomActsofAmy up and running. Ho, boy, has that been a lot of work! I’m happy to report that I’ve had three sales of six items, and each sale did a ton for my self-confidence. It’s been a lot of blood (I poked myself with a needle), sweat (working like a madwoman), and tears (self-doubt) this past month, but I’m getting somewhere, and I’m proud of myself for that. In the chaos of the past month, I seem to have taken over pretty much the whole house…I am so lucky to have such a tolerant husband! His “Man Cave” has truly become his escape. Each day I try to pick up a little more, but I really need to take a couple (or 4) hours to get everything organized and put away. In the meantime, I’m referring to this as a Craftsplosion. Feel free to use this term to describe your own crafty mess ;)

Craftsplosion30 DAYS OF LIST
Did you notice the #30lists tag in the picture? Amy and Kam have created a Special December Edition of 30 Days of Lists this year! I think I’ve participated in every 30 Days of Lists that has come out so far, and it’s a terrific time to stop and smell the roses for a few minutes at a time while listing out “answers” to prompts they give you each day. This time is super cool because there’s a Facebook Group that we’re all posting to. I don’t know about you, but I find Facebook to be so convenient. It’s on my phone, iPad, and computer, so it’s not an ordeal to have to get to it. The community has been really awesome and supportive. This time around, I’m using the A Beautiful Mess app to record my daily lists. It’s simple and quick for me, and I love that I can share a visual representation of my list.



There’s a new pup in our pack, and his name is Sidney (short for Sidney Vicious Crosby Byrne-Henderson)! We adopted him a few months ago from the Romeoville Humane Society, and he has acclimated quite well to our little family. He was found on the mean streets of Bolingbrook where he had been living as a stray for an undetermined amount of time. He had no collar or microchip, and he wasn’t neutered. With those facts, I created this backstory for him (everyone deserves an awesome backstory!): Siddy (as I call him) was the head stud in an illegal puppy mill operation. One night he escaped from his cage and went straight for a police officer. The police officer, realizing Sid was trying to tell her something, followed him back to the property where Siddy and many other dogs had been enslaved. The officer called in all sorts of reinforcements, and the puppy mill operators were arrested. All of the dogs were rescued, healed, and adopted into great homes…but where did Siddy go?? In all of the confusion, he ran off, knowing that his destiny lay elsewhere…he roamed the streets, looking for his real family. He was picked up by animal control, and then fostered by a family in Romeoville, but it wasn’t quite right. (Here comes the factual part of this story) Until one day when I saw his picture in an email from the Romeoville Patch. I took one look at his scared little face, and I knew he had to come live with us. Todd was not quite on board with the plan, but I asked the foster to bring Sid (previously known as Paco) to our home to meet us, Karma, Mina, and Zuzu. And that was all she wrote! We fell in love with him, and he seemed to like us well enough. In the couple of months he’s lived with us, he has grown to love us all (some more than others).

This is the best picture I have of all three dogs. Getting three dogs to sit and look at you is about as easy as herding cats. Which, by the way, is very difficult! I tried getting our cat, Karma, in this picture, but she wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Notice how all three dogs are looking off to the side? Yeah, they’re looking at the cat.

Mina, Zuzu, and Sidney

Mina is the big dog, Sidney is the tan Chihuahua, and Zuzu is the black and brindle Chihuahua

I have BIG PLANS for 2014, and I’m excited for the new year to come around!