Big Changes Coming!


I’ve blogged on ( since my first post on November 25, 2009 when Todd and I were the Craft Assassins. When I started blogging solo, and made the move to Random Acts of Amy in May 2011, I kept using And for the past 2.5 years, that’s been okay – pretty much.

As I’ve worked on growing my business, I’ve discovered that I just cannot do things as easily as I would like to be able to do them. I signed up for a Chimp Mail e-newsletter account, but I cannot integrate it with the site. Pinterest has come out with some awesome integration, but I cannot use it with the site. I’m limited with fonts and colors, even when purchasing the Custom CSS package (every.single.year.) There’s also the matter of themes, and design. There are several serviceable themes for me on, and I’ve used Chateau (with some customizations I figured out on my own), but I’d like more.

2014 is the year I grow Random Acts of Amy as a blog AND as a business! I look forward to becoming more involved in the online blogging community, growing my Etsy shop Random Acts of Amy, becoming involved in Etsy Teams, being a vendor at craft shows, and more!

Next up is finding someone to develop a custom look for my “new” blog, and for someone to design a logo. If you know of anyone who can help with this, your referrals are appreciated!

Hooray for 2014!