Embroidering for Fun

Well, all embroidering is fun for me, but every once in a while I see something, and I think that I’d really like to embroider it. This recently happened when I saw a drawing of my friend Mister Hamilton, and I knew I needed to embroider it! (I didn’t realize I hadn’t blogged about this piece, so the link will lead you to my Instagram.) I think about this kind of thing every time I see a pictures of Abraham Lincoln and Lemmy. One of these days I’m going to tackle embroidering these two men who are oh so different, yet look an awful lot alike (to me).

Right now I have all things Urban Farmgirl Main Street Market on the brain, and I thought it would be fun to embroider the Urban Farmgirl logo as a Random Act of Crafting.

Urban-Farmgirl-FrontSince Urban Farmgirl is all about vintage and what’s old is new again, I painted the hoop first in an ice blue, and then white over that. After it dried, I took sandpaper to it and distressed the hoop.

Urban-Farmgirl-SideI’m going to Rockford today to get my hair done, and it just so happens that the Urban Farmgirl store is open, too. So I’ll introduce myself to the Urban Farmgirl herself (Mary), probably probably gush about how excited I am to be a part of her event, and do a little shopping.