Art Parade and Art Show in Rockford, IL

Today I’m going to participate in an art parade and art show in my hometown Rockford, IL! I’m super excited to be a part of this. I will get to connect with so many of my friends and be surrounded by creativity. That’s something that I’ve been sorely lacking out here in the suburbs. From the official event page on Facebook, here is what’s in store:

FRIDAY, JUNE 13 // 6:30 Parade begins // 8:00 Exhibition at Rockford Art Deli begins

In the spirit of collaboration and public engagement in the arts, Public Practice, Jesus Correa, and Rockford Art Deli are organizing an innovative art exhibition that will not only start in the public, but also invite the public to participate. We are considering a parade as a medium of art and the artifacts (or floats) to be art objects. Local and regional artists have been invited to create sidewalk sized floats to accompany them during the parade, which will end at Rockford Art Deli as an art exhibition. Along with the artists, the public will be encouraged to join our sidewalk parade. The parade is absolutely family friendly and for all ages to experience performance and public art. This parade will respect all of the guidelines that will allow it to happen. Any antics or attitudes that do not meet the joyful and educational mission of the parade will not be tolerated. This dual idea of a lively art exhibition will be held on the evening of June 13.


Everyone is invited to join the Parade and walk along with our artists and float-makers. You are also encouraged to make your own float, bring a costume, bring your friends!

6:00 Meet at Rockford Art Deli (402 E State St, Rockford, IL) where we will paint faces, put on costumes, or what-have-you.
6:30 Depart for the Parade! 
7:45 Arrive at RAD. We will bring the floats inside and set them around the space.
8:00 Exhibition begins! There will be live music!

More information here:

Participating artists and float-makers:

  • Amy Byrne-Henderson
  • MainfraiM
  • Jesus Correa
  • Sara McReedNamara
  • Lynn Fischer-Carlson
  • Meagan Weber
  • Don Picton
  • Steve Nofsinger
  • Jes A Weber
  • John Deill
  • Denise Glasenapp
  • Emily Klonicki
  • Cari Johnson
  • Bill Houtkamp
  • Pablo Korona
  • Jason Judd
  • Iga Puchalska
  • Rick Zilhart
  • Matt Herbig
  • Javier Jimenez
  • Allen Moore
  • Bart Woodstrup
  • Eric Fuertes
  • Angie Chambers
  • Jon Candiotta
  • Kurt Schultz
  • Lee Sido
  • Cari Ann Wayman
  • Andrew Davis
  • Rockford Hip Hop Congress

My art piece is titled, “A Study in Orange Trio.” I hand embroidered three different vantage points of Symbol. Symbol is a gigantic metal sculpture at Sinnissippi Park in Rockford, IL. It was created in 1978 by Alexander Liberman. These three hoops will be sold together at RAD for $75 total.