Ain’t Nobody Got Time for…

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I am SO EXCITED to be the sponsor of today’s list prompt!! I created my list using the incredibly talented Alexandra Rae Design’s template (that I got as a bonus for signing up for 30 Days of Lists prior to September 1st). This is my first go at “digital scrapbooking”, and I like it. I added a text version of the list under the picture, in case you’re using a mobile device and the picture is too little.


Ain’t Nobody Got Time for…

  1. Low fat frosting. I mean, seriously! One of the cruelest tricks you can play on me is to give me a piece of cake with Cool Whip as the “frosting.” Cool Whip is for strawberry shortcake; NOT regular cake. Give me butter cream, or give me death!
  2. Bad books. I used to read a whole book, even if I disliked it because, well, you’re supposed to finish a book! But then I got wise, and realized that life is too short for books I don’t enjoy.
  3. Breed banning. In the 70s it was the Doberman Pinscher. In the 80s it was the German Shepherd. In the 90s it was the Rottweiler. And nowadays it’s the Pitbull. When will cities, towns, and communities get wise to the fact that it’s not the DOG, it’s the HUMAN!
  4. Pants that don’t fit. Size ain’t nothin but a number. I used to be so crazy about the SIZE of a garment rather than the FIT. But it doesn’t matter so much what the number is as long as you feel good when you wear it.
  5. Thinking you’re not good enough. Know why? Because you are; you totally are! Positive self talk goes a long way to helping you realize a positive self image. You become what you think. And, you know what? You’re totally rad!
  6. Regrets. You need to move on and keep past experiences where they belong: in the past! Learn from your experiences (don’t call the mistakes), and you’ll go further in life.
  7. Comparing yourself to others. This is a hard one! And it’s one I struggle with, but when I just DO instead of obsess on how so-and-so seems like she’s so successful, and why can’t I be successful like her?!, I just set myself up for failure. Be happy for others’ success, and create your own destiny! 

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  1. Sue

    September 9, 2014 at 7:11 am

    Love your list today! You go girl.

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