Meal Planning for this Week {30 Days of Lists}

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When my son was younger, we had “theme” nights for dinner. Mac and Cheese (and Hotdog) Monday. Taco Tuesday. Baked Potato and Salad Wednesday. Spaghetti Saturday. You get the picture. We probably should, but Todd and I do not plan out our meals in advance. We eat what we’re in the mood for on any particular day. It gets more difficult because I’m a vegetarian, and Todd is not. Below is a list of my dream week of meal planning, prepared expertly for me by my own personal chef.

Monday: I would like some kind of delicious Italian meal made with homemade pasta that’s perfectly cooked al dente. It would have all fresh ingredients, and a perfect blend of spices and cheese.

Tuesday: Tonight I would love a delicious Medeterrainian meal. Maybe freshly baked pita with hummous and falafel.

Wednesday: A perfectly made and flavored vegan dish (like one of the delicious meals at Pig Minds) would totally hit the spot!

Thursday: Tonight an experrly prepared Mexican meal would hit the spot. Fresh ingerdients, delicious flavors, and a frozen strawberry margarita would make my taste buds sing.

Friday: As a precursor to the weekend, tonight I would like to go to Abreo in Rockford, IL for their small plates. I would get the Mushroom Bread Pudding (a taste I often crave), an apple salad, and bleu cheese creme caramel. Afterwards, we’d go next door to Social for dessert.

Do you plan out your meals for the week? What is your favorite meal to cook and/or eat?