Year of 3D Embroidery: Ribbon Embroidery

Click this picture to sign up for the class!
Click this picture to sign up for the class!

I decided that 2015 would be the year that I expanded my embroidery skills and went 3D. The first type of, what I’m calling, 3D embroidery that I tried my hand at is ribbon embroidery. My husband reminded me that he had asked me about ribbon embroidery a couple of years ago, and my response was something like, “Pshaw! That’s for old ladies!” Well, either I’ve become an old lady, or my mind has been awakened to trying something new. I’ll go with the latter 🙂 Next thing you know, I’ll try out machine embroidery, GASP!

I had heard about Craftsy, but had never taken any classes. Craftsy is an online classroom where you can learn a variety of creative pursuits by watching video lessons by experts and interacting in an online classroom message board. The classes are very reasonably priced, especially considering the big names in each of the areas that are teaching them. In order to check Craftsy out, I enrolled in Embroidering with Ribbon with Mary Jo Hiney. I started watching the videos and realized I wanted to start created ribbon embroidery right away! In order to easier follow along with the lessons, I bought kits from Mary Jo’s website Mary Jo Hiney Designs. I purchased the practice kit, the coneflower kit, the mums and dahlia kit, and some hand dyed silk ribbons in colors for flowers. The kits have everything you need (except an embroidery hoop) to create the designs we learn in the classes.

Kits and ribbons I purchased from Mary Jo Hiney Designs
The Coneflower kit I purchased from Mary Jo Hiney Designs. The kit made the process much easier.
Silk ribbon embroidery floss
Close up of the hand dyed silk ribbon for the coneflower. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Mary Jo has such a great teaching style. She clearly explains each of the steps, and sends the message that it’s okay to mess up – it happens to everyone (even her!). There are a series of videos to watch to learn all about the ribbons, fabrics, and tools to use. You can watch them at your leisure, and pause and rewind as needed as you master each stitch and technique. The class also comes with printed material for those of us who need to read and watch to fully understand what to do. The materials sheet was invaluable to me to understand which ribbons (I keep wanting to call them floss 🙂 ) to use for each layer of the coneflower.

I am very pleased with my first effort at ribbon embroidery! I didn’t follow the instructions exactly, but one of the things that Mary Jo teaches is to do your own thing, and let the ribbon and design speak to you. I cannot wait to learn and try out more techniques as I progress in the class. If you’d like to try this class, too, you can click the Embroidering with Ribbon picture at the top of the page, or sign up here: Embroidering with Ribbon with Mary Jo Hiney.

Coneflower in frame

Coneflower close up

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