Date with Myself in Geneva, IL

This past Saturday I had plans with my son, but he ended up getting sick, and couldn’t come to visit. My husband worked the 1:30-9:30 pm shift, so we weren’t able to make plans together, either. After thinking about it for a little while, I thought it would be a great day to take myself out on a date, and I knew the perfect place to go: Geneva, IL! Geneva is a picturesque town on the Fox River, and it has a delightful downtown with more specialty shops than you can image. One of those shops, Designer’s Desk, is one of my favorite places to go. They tout themselves as a needlepoint and cross stitch shop, but, really, they have almost everything a hand embroiderer like me could want.

The sheer number of skeins of floss that they have in stock is breathtaking! This video I posted on Instagram does not even do the collection justice. In addition to all of the rolling pegboard walls, they stock the full line of DMC and Sullivan’s floss, along with every kind of speciality floss you can imagine. My mission was to find silk ribbon for silk ribbon embroidery, which I recently started to learn via Mary Jo Hiney’s class on Craftsy.  

Portion of the Floss Room
Portion of the Floss Room
One side of the DMC floss section
One side of the DMC floss section

The shop is jam packed, and not one space is wasted. It can be a bit overwhelming, so plan to spend quite a bit of time here. The top floor is all about cross stitch, the main floor is mainly full of floss of all kinds, beads, books, and needlepoint supplies, and the basement is a bargain area. The only thing that I don’t like is that none of the floss on the main floor has a price on it. I thought I was being pretty conservative in what I was selecting to purchase, but I was quite surprised when my sale was rung up! The below video show my haul. Not pictured are the milliners needles I forgot in the bag.

  1. Rebecca

    March 30, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    I actually rarely go in there because I do get so overwhelmed by the store! I always think I should go there more because it should be my dream place, but instead I just can’t figure out where to even begin!
    And I know what you mean about being surprised by the total. I always think it’ll be fun to get fancy threads but then I’m always surprised how pricey they end up being and then I can’t bring myself to use them.

    1. Amy Byrne-Henderson

      April 8, 2015 at 7:01 pm

      It’s the same for me. I don’t go there a lot, but when I do, it’s an adventure!

  2. Elizabeth Flygare

    March 11, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    Oh, good gracious yes, Amy! Geneva is a treasure. In 1980, my parents moved to Geneva (later to St. Charles, where Mom still lives) and I remember summers of Swedish Days, Festival of The Vine—and the day my sisters and I got thrown out of a little ice cream shop because our little nieces, who were with us, were so noisy. Those little nieces are now 37 years old, each married – one with three kids and the other with two – and those kids are older than their mothers were when they raised a ruckus in Geneva.(I may add that their kids are as lovable and rowdy as they were) I love the Fox Valley. I loved the Fox Valley Folk Festival. I love Third Street. I even love Geneva Commons. I adore The United Methodist Church of Geneva, where Mom still attends – so much that I am joining Christ UMC in Rockford. Geneva is an absolute wonderland, Amy, and I would have enjoyed spending that afternoon with you. Thanks for a splendid blogpost, and next time you want to go there, let me know!

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