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October’s Backside of the Hoop interview features Claudia Jäggi of Weissfeder! Claudia and I met through Instagram, and I greatly admire her work. She has such a unique style, and her landscape pieces are absolutely brilliant! Read on to learn about her embroidery story and process.



Tell Us About Yourself

After years of trying out, completing and discarding art projects in various fields, I am finally stuck with the art of embroidery. Transforming traditional techniques into fiber art and adding further media, I came to the conclusion that my work could mayhap be titled “mixed media embroidery art”. As a teacher, wife, and happy mother of two, stitching is my favorite way of relaxation.

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As the founder of the Swiss Hand Embroiderers’ GuildI also curate the Swiss Hand Embroidery Gallery on Facebook. I intend to bring hand embroidery (back) into the spotlight here in Switzerland.

When Did You Start Doing Embroidery?

I am mainly self-taught but have a family background in textiles (my maternal grandmother was a textile arts teacher, and my paternal grandmother was a couture dressmaker). I like participating in online courses here and there to broaden my knowledge.

My very first embroidered picture was an embroidered sketch of a kitten in a boot for my mom’s birthday. I believe I was 9 years old.

Where Is Your Favorite Place to Embroider?

I love taking my embroidery to the woods and stitch outside! And I also happen to stitch in front of the TV. 😉

Show Us Your Backside…of Your Hoop!

As to the backsides of my hoops (I do many different formats, but also like to use hoops as frames a lot!): I tried different styles. Two years ago I used to cut felt circles and glue them over the backside, with my logo ironed on.


But the circles always turned out a bit wobbly and I didn’t like that variation.

Next I glued the felt circle on the backside within the hoop and simply cut the left over fabric between the two hoop rings away, fixing the remaining fabric millimeters with more glue.


I did like that more, but always found it a shame that my backside stitches could not be seen (as I think they have their own beauty) !

So I finally found my third and favorite style : I glue the left over fabric on the inner hoop ring and sew a small fabric label with my logo on the backside. What’s more: on that label, there is also room for a title, a date and further info about the art piece!


What Is Your Favorite Part of the Embroidery Process? Your Least Favorite?

I love each and every part of the embroidery process! From forming a vague idea in my mind to finally hanging up the piece.

What Are Your Three Favorite Stitches?

Can’t say… love all stitches and use them as needed for the design.

Image by Claudia Jäggi
Image by Claudia Jäggi aka weissfeder

How Do You Store Your Floss? What’s Your Favorite Brand?

I don’t have a favorite floss brand, but I really love the hand dyed silk thread by Anne Lange of the Atelier Lange Nadel.

Do You Create Your Own Patterns? Or Purchase from Other Artists?

All my designs are my own.

What’s Up Next for You?


Up next is an online auction by the founding members of our Swiss Hand Embroiderer’s Guild in late October. Head on over to our gallery page, give us a thumbs up, and you will get the notice! 😉

Thank you so much, Claudia, for sharing your embroidery story and process! Next month on Backside of the Hoop I’ll feature Mary Corbet of Needle ‘N Thread. Her interview will publish on Friday, November 20, 2015.

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