11 Ways to Display Embroidery Hoops

11 Ways to Display Embroidered Hoops

One question I often get asked is, “Now what do I do with this hoop?” A lot of people think the embroidery hoop is simply a tool artists use when they create needlework art, but it’s a great way to display finished pieces. I find that I’m able to stretch the fabric nice and taut, which displays the hand embroidery I’ve created beautifully. There are a number of ways to display these finished hoops, in fact, I came up with 11 ways to display finished embroidered hoops!


embroidery hoop gallery wall

Create a gallery wall out of your embroidery hoops. I have done this in our living room, and it is so lovely to look at. Another benefit, for me, is that I can see how my skills have improved over time.


prop your hoop on a shelf

Prop your hoop up on a shelf (or your Great Grandma Rosie’s 100+ year old secretary, like I did) with other treasured keepsakes.

THREE: PROP YOUR HOOP ON A SHELF BY ITSELFprop your hoop on a shelf by itself

Or, you can prop the hoop up on a shelf all by itself!

FOUR: USE AN EASELput your embroidered hoop on an easel

Display your hoop on an easel. Easels come in all kinds of sizes, like this one, which is holding a 4″ hoop. (The picture is my parents on their wedding day back in July 1967.)

FIVE: HANG HOOP ORNAMENTS ON YOUR CHRISTMAS TREEmerry & bright embroidery hoop ornament

embroidery hoop ornaments

merry christmas embroidery hoop

Use ornament holders, twine, string, or the like to hang embroidery hoop ornaments on your Christmas tree. Outside of the holiday season you could even use these types of hooks/holders to hang any type of hoop from trees and plants inside your house. I use 3″ and 4″ hoops to create hoops to hang on our Christmas tree.


Or, you could use a nice ornament holder to display a single hoop. Create a sweet vignette to set a scene. Again, the hoop you hang doesn’t only have to be a holiday hoop, it could be any kind of hoop in any size (as long as it fits the holder), at any time of the year! Spray paint the ornament holder to fit in with your regular decor.

SEVEN: PROP IT IN A TEA CUPembroidery hoop in a tea cup

Prop your hoop up in a tea cup! I didn’t use anything to keep this 4″ hoop propped up inside this vintage tea cup from my Grandma Bricker. I gently set it in, and it stayed.


Or, prop your hoop in a pretty glass, like this beautiful and fancy glass my Grandma collected during the Great Depression. Like with the tea cup, I gently placed this 4″ hoop inside the stemware, and it stayed upright on its own.


Taylor Swift fearless embroidered hoop

Hang your hoop off of a knob on a drawer. There are a few things to keep in mind when propping a hoop from a knob: 1) Make certain it’s not a knob that you’ll use too often, otherwise you could damage the fabric by stretching or ripping it, 2) The knob should be small enough that it will not press up against the fabric from the backside and distort it, and 3) The knob will need to be smooth so that it will not damage the the fabric.

TEN: DISPLAY A SINGLE HOOP ON A WALLsingle hoop on a wall

Don’t have a large wall to create a gallery of embroidery hoops? Display a single hoop on a wall!

ELEVEN: PROP IT AT YOUR COMPUTERembroidery hoop propped at a computer

Prop an embroidery hoop with a message against your computer, like I did. This, “dream big” hoop is a constant reminder to do just that – dream big.

display of many embroidery hoops

There are so many ways you can display your finished hoops, from the traditional on a wall, to the creative in a tea cup. I would love it if you shared your ways for displaying your finished hoops in the comments.