2016 Goals and Resolutions to Live a Life of Purpose

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There’s a movement started by Ali Edwards called One Little Word in which you pick a word of intention for the year. It’s built around scrapbooking and a course that Ali designed. I’m not interested in scrapbooking or taking the course  (although I did it in 2011 and 2012), but I do want to set a word for the year, and intention. It would be my touch point, a mantra of sorts, and a reminder of my goals. I’ve decided that my word for 2016 will be Purpose. I want to have more purpose in my life in all aspects. Whether it be my small business, day job, home, relationships, etc., they need to be lived and nurtured with more purpose.

I’ve also come up with a list of resolutions, or action items I’ll work on throughout the year. I’m a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions, and feel they can be set on any date of the year, but they do feel so fresh and new at the beginning of a calendar year. This is a living document that I’ll review it regularly to determine the validity of each of the items, and add and take away as needed.

  1. Blog at least weekly, with the goal being two to three times a week.
  2. Write at least one book review a month. Contact publishers to get review copies. Review a mix of craft books and fiction and nonfiction books I read for pleasure.
  3. Read and review ten nonfiction books.
  4. Clean up the categories and tags on my blog.
  5. Get published in a magazine, either online or in print.
  6. Participate in and blog about Try Something New Every Month.
  7. Make a static front page for my blog.
  8. Create a backyard bird/butterfly/bee habitat. Choose plantings that will provide food, shelter, and beauty.
  9. Continue publishing Backside of the Hoop on a monthly basis. Reach out to a variety of needle artists from around the world.
  10. Work with a graphic designer to create high quality patterns for sale.
  11. Get projects in the house, yard, and garage done. Identify what needs to be done room by room, space by space, and do it!
  12. Exercise at least three times a week. Continue to work on the C25K app.
  13. Complete a 5K.
  14. Use reusable shopping bags.
  15. Continue to downsize my possessions.

As you you can see, I have my work cut out for me, and 2016 promises to be a busy and productive year!

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