Embroidery Inspiration in Nature and Architecture in San Antonio

Inspiration for me can come from a lot of places, but for me, the best place is in the natural world. Lately I’ve been more in tune with patterns and beauty that I see in nature and architecture, and when I see something interesting, I snap a picture, and brainstorm ways I can incorporate the beauty into my embroidery. It started in October 2015 when my husband and I took a {very} belated {by four years} honeymoon to San Antonio, TX. The Riverwalk is a beautiful stretch with all kinds of flowers, shrubs, trees, buildings, and art. I found myself being drawn to small vignettes within a scene…a flower and its colors, the lines on the roof in the courtyard at the Spanish Governors Palace, and a stairway. The Alamo features a variety of flowers and cacti that are stunning. Here are some pictures of the flora and architecture I was drawn to.

  1. Linda

    February 16, 2016 at 8:56 am

    Loved the pics! You two should come down to Florida and visit St Augustine. It’s like a tropical San Antonio with lots of history and beauty.

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