The Hasty Stitch Embroidery Challenge Is Back!

Hello my stitchy friends! Do you remember back when I posted the Hasty Stitch Embroidery Challenge each month? Yes? No? Well – it’s coming back! This is a monthly embroidery challenge that was originally conceived by Kristin of Hey Paul Studios. There came a point in time when she had so much going on, and asked for a volunteer to take the challenge over. I did for many months, but there wasn’t much interest from other people to join in.

I am honored to be an embroidery mentor through Hey Paul’s Embroidery Mentorship program to Anne, who is an accomplished needle artist who would like to expand her embroidery skills by learning new stitches and how to incorporate them into her work. I thought that by bringing back this monthly embroidery challenge, it would be a great way for her, as well as other mentees, to do just that.

Each Hasty Stitch Embroidery Challenge includes an embroidery stitch, color, and theme. You can interpret the color and theme in any way you’d like – get creative! Don’t forget to tag your photos on Instagram with #hastystitch

Hasty Stitch will start back up tomorrow, July 1st. You can find the prompts in a new post here, and over on Instagram @randomactsofamy. Comment or use the contact form below to suggest stitches you’d like to learn. You can also check Instagram here for examples from past challenges.