Tutorial: Create a Memo Board with DMC Stitchable Cork Fabric


As a member of the DMC Designer Program, I receive DMC products in exchange for honest reviews. I recently received DMC’s new Stitchable Cork Fabric in the regular and gold fleck. For this project, I’m using the Gold Fleck Stitchable Cork Fabric to create a stylish memo board for my desk.

Stitchable Cork Fabric is easy to use, and is similar to stitching through thick fabric. I like the gold flecks in the cork I chose for this project because it gives it a fancy and trendy vibe.


Start by cutting the Stitchable Cork Fabric to size. It comes in a 10″ x 10″ piece, and you’ll want to have the final piece be about 8.5″ x 10″ – test it out with your frame before you cut it.

If, like me, your handwriting isn’t the greatest, use your computer to create the word “memo” in outline (I gave mine a slight arc, too.). Print it out, and then center it towards the top of the sheet (check to see how it fits with your selected frame) with the transfer paper underneath.


I used the skinnier side of the stylus to firmly and evenly trace the word onto the cork.


Using the acrylic paint, paint the insides of the letters. NOTE: Watercolor paints work, too! Let the paint completely dry before moving on to the stitching.


Did you notice in the materials list I did not mention an embroidery hoop? This is one embroidery project where you won’t use a hoop! But it’s going to be okay – promise! The Stitchable Cork Fabric is easy to manipulate without a hoop. (If you did hoop your project, it would leave the indentation of the hoop in it, which would be no good for this particular project.)

Use all six strands of your DMC floss to stitch around the letters. I chose not to match up the floss and paint colors when I stitched, but you could match them up, if you’d like.


Using the cardboard backing that comes with the frame, layer it like so: the Stitchable Cork Fabric is on top, then the quilt batting, then the cardboard from the frame (mine came with two pieces, and I used both). Position it inside the frame, and close it up.


And there you have it – a stylish and fashionable memo board! I chose a frame that has a stand so I can prop it upright on my desk at work. Add some cute thumb tacks and important notes to yourself!



Have you tried DMC’s Stitchable Cork Fabric yet? I’d love to see what you made! Leave a comment below letting me know where I can see your project.