Call for November Guest Posts for ThankStitching!

UPDATE – November 7, 2016

Submission for 2016 are now closed. If you would like to be notified when it’s time to submit for the 2017 #ThankStitching, click here and fill out the mailing list form.

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I’ve had an idea percolating for over a year. This idea came to me in late October 2015, and after I determined I couldn’t get everything figured out fast enough, it promptly left the forefront of my mind. But the idea lingered…and this year I think I have enough time to pull it off!! BUT – I need YOU to help me accomplish this!

Here’s my idea: ThankStitching! It would consist of a post a day in November revolving around why you are thankful for stitching. And this encompasses the larger world of the needle arts – not just hand embroidery. If it’s got a needle of any kind involved, it counts. Think: hand embroidery, machine embroidery, knitting, (I’ll stretch it to crochet, too), weaving, tattooing, the sky’s the limit!

I know from my own personal experience that hand embroidery has helped me in many ways. It’s something I use to soothe myself when I am upset or anxious. Hand embroidery has connected me with hundreds of people from around the world. I’ve written guest posts for blogs, been in the newspaper, and even have two projects published in a book (more on that another day)!

Your participation would be so simple! The minimum I would need from you is: Your name, one picture of your art, and a short paragraph about why you’re thankful for your needleart. That’s it!

If you’re an overachiever, you could include links to your website, blog, shop, social media platforms, more than one picture (limit of three), and a longer essay on why you’re thankful for your needleart.