#ThankStitching No. 9 with Erica Ross

Erica Ross

Instagram: @bookstackbobbins

Website: www.bookstackbobbins.com

xstitch was the only common language my Abuela and I shared. She would point and I would make that correct colored x, as told. Later, as a newbie entering the adult world, it provided comfort during universal life challenges like health scares, job layoffs, and anxiety issues. Eventually, I felt the urge to expand my skills beyond the x’s and started developing my own sassy patterns. With the support of local shops, like @ScoutVintageCollective, I was able to create my own style by hand embroidering vintage fabrics that would have otherwise been thrown out. I am so thankful for this skill that has connected me with some pretty amazing girl bosses that continue to support and inspire me on a daily basis.



#ThankStitching is a series of daily posts (and hourly posts on Thanksgiving) in the month of November in which needle artists from around the world submitted to me why they are thankful for their particular needleart.