#ThankStitching No. 18 with Karly Santiago

Karly Santiago


When I started cross stitching, I was looking for a way to unwind and find something that was just for me. Being a mom, wife, at the time a doula, and a myriad of other roles I was filling, I felt like I was losing a sense of me. When I picked up cross stitching, I just wanted something that belonged to me. Something I wanted to be great at on my own time. I never expected it to morph into what it is today. Even though I am working, it is still a time for me to reflect, think, and be creative all at the same time. My mantra has become ‘Every stitch is progress’ and it has translated into my everyday life. Every step, as long as it is forward, is progress towards a beautiful end & a new beginning. Cross stitch has been one of the best things I’ve picked up. Im glad I listened to myself and for that I am thankful.

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#ThankStitching is a project to collect and curate reasons why stitchers worldwide are thankful for their particular needle craft. Look for daily posts in November with hourly posts on Thanksgiving Day.