#ThankStitching No. 20 with Catherine Patterson

Catherine Patterson


Blog: hillviewembroidery.com


The big question – why am I thankful for my needle art (in my case hand embroidery)?! Firstly, I am incredibly thankful for the healing powers it has had for me. I was incredibly unwell last year, and I turned back to embroidery as a way of entertaining myself between sleeps (of which there were many!). I found that it had me absolutely hooked – it kept me up for a lot longer than was healthy for me at the time, but it had such a positive influence on my general well being and mental health. It helped focus me, it got me out of bed (quite literally!), and it helped me to feel useful in the world again when I couldn’t even walk down the stairs at home without help. It gave me such a sense of achievement everyday that I am convinced it is one of the reasons I exceeded the neurosurgeon’s expectations by a long shot!

I am also thankful for the way, with our needle and thread, we can ‘recreate’ nature. I’ve included two photos of my recent finishes – a pansy and a fox. Isn’t it wonderful that with some basic equipment, we can almost bring nature alive, and have it with us in our homes? The reaction I get from people when they see these pieces is of amazement – such simple tools, to make such wonderful ‘paintings’!

And we can’t forget the way our needlecraft brings us together. I have a group of friends and we meet up just to stitch and craft away, spending quality time with each other, encouraging each other, teaching each other, and making our own creations along the way. Add that to just starting out at the RSN where I am now lucky enough to stitch regularly with a group of wonderful people I wouldn’t have met before, and it was a wonderful way to socialise – and away from technology!



#ThankStitching is a project to collect and curate reasons why stitchers worldwide are thankful for their particular needle craft. Look for daily posts in November with hourly posts on Thanksgiving Day.