#ThankStitching No. 42 with Eleri Larkum

Eleri Larkum


Web: www.rocketfullofpie.com

My mother was always sewing: quilts, samplers, clothes, dolls clothes, toys, boxes, cushions, and everything. She was the calm and quiet centre of our home, but her fingers were never still. My father had a wit, intellect, temper and complete appreciation / love of my mother.

Both my parents died in my early 30’s just as I was starting to have my own family. However along with my mother’s old Elner sewing machine, I seem to have inherited the lot.

At this time of the year when my father died I often wonder what they would make of my life. My mother would have been so excited of the IG crafting community and my father would have been amused / proud that I have created my own crafting business.

So… at this time of the year I would like to give thanks to my mum for giving me the love of stitching, my dad for giving me his humour and my own family for their love.

#ThankStitching is a project to collect and curate reasons why stitchers worldwide are thankful for their particular needle craft. Look for daily posts in November with hourly posts on Thanksgiving Day.