#ThankStitching No. 43 with Teagan Sturmer

Teagan Sturmer

Instagram: @teaganolivia


Needle art. It’s something that runs in the family, and each person does it so differently and uniquely. My grandmother is a quilter, my other grandmother sews and crochets, my mother sews and quilts, and I embroider. To me embroidering is an art that takes amazing amounts of care and love. Each stitch that goes into the whole picture is made with practice and thought. Each color is chosen with the big picture in mind, as well as the fabric. Each detail is specifically created to bring everything together in the end. That is why I am so thankful for needle art, because it is made with so much love.

And because each part of it serves a purpose. Each stitch, each color, each fabric chosen has a purpose to serve the bigger picture. And isn’t that what life is all about? Each one of us, no matter what we do or what we make, serves a purpose. There is a reason for every one of us, and that is what I am thankful for. I am also so blessed by and thankful for the constant support of my husband. Without him, some days I would never be able to see that bigger picture, some days I would give up, if he wasn’t there to pick me back up again and point me to where my creativity lies.

#ThankStitching is a project to collect and curate reasons why stitchers worldwide are thankful for their particular needle craft. Look for daily posts in November with hourly posts on Thanksgiving Day.