Find Me at Art Matters Gallery in Rockford, Illinois!

For 2016 I decided that I wasn’t going to sell at any markets or shows. I wanted to take the time to create new designs, sharpen my skills, and fall back in love with creating embroidery. I was a little burned out after two years of stitching the same pattern 20 times, and it started to be not as fun as it was in the beginning. But I have to tell you…I’ve been feeling a bit antsy lately, and was even applying to Rockford Handmade Market this year. After discovering that my work would have its holiday party at my Branch the day after Rockford Handmade Market was scheduled, I knew that was just not going to work out. I’ve received lovely messages of many people who like what I do, asking if I would be at any markets this holiday season, and I’ve been disappointed (in myself) to have to say no.

But then I got a message from my friend Tracy, who is a member of a cooperative of artists called Art Matters Gallery. She needed another artist to show their work, and would I be interested? Heck yeah! So tomorrow I’ll be in Rockford to set-up my table 🙂

Here’s what Art Matters Gallery has to say on their Facebook event:

Mark your calendars for our annual holiday Show. The gallery and gift shop will be full of art at “gift giving” prices.

  • Opening Friday, December 2 from 4-9 pm and Saturday, December 3 from 1-8 pm.
  • Can’t make it to the opening? That’s ok. You can still shop throughout the month during our regular hours: Thursday 2-6, Friday 3-9, and Saturday 1-6.


I will have a variety of hand embroidered hoops including Christmas tree ornaments and necklaces in mini embroidery hoops. I’ll also have some neat hand painted mugs and, if I have enough time, glass ornaments using a technique I recently learned 🙂

I’ll be at Art Matters Gallery on Saturday, December 3 for a couple of hours at the beginning of the opening hours – I hope to see you there!