#ThankStitching No. 59 with Rebecca Greco

Rebecca Greco

Instagram: @hugsarefun


I never leave home without a couple different options for hand stitching projects I can work on. I love my sewing machine, but I am so thankful for embroidery. I have two young girls and we are always on the go – parks, libraries, museums. But this often means I have downtime to sit while they play. Embroidery is the perfect craft for these occasions because it’s small and something I can easily pick up and put down. Most of my stitching is done in several minute spurts, but that’s enough to start to make progress.

Even if I only manage to sneak in a couple stitches, embroidery is always makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

#ThankStitching is a project to collect and curate reasons why stitchers worldwide are thankful for their particular needle craft. Look for daily posts in November with hourly posts on Thanksgiving Day.