The Love Show

Love Show Card

As a member of The Artist Guild of Lockport, I was honored to be a part of our second group show, “The Love Show” at the Flower of Life Art Gallery in Lockport, IL. We were challenged to create pieces representative of love.

The first piece you see below is called, “With Love, Loretta.” I found a picture of Loretta at the Kane County Flea Market, and I really liked how she looks. I scanned the photo into my computer, and then printed it onto fabric. I embroidered over her handwriting where she wrote, “With Love, Loretta 1923.” I gave her a hand embroidered floral crown, a three row hand embroidered border, and sequins (because sequins are cool!).

With Love, Loretta
Me with my piece, “With Love, Loretta”

The second piece I made for the show is called, “The Luckiest.” The Luckiest by Ben Folds is my husband’s and my song. I hand stamped the fabric, and then added lyrics from the song that mean the most to us. It looked boring with just the lyrics, so I hand embroidered a random border, along with two infinity symbols.

Picture of hand embroidered song lyrics


Let me know what you think!