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New Look for Random Acts of Amy

Hi there! The Random Acts of Amy website and blog have a new look! I’ve worked on getting it spiffed up all weekend. But first, I want to apologize to the people I accidentally spammed 🙁  I really hope you won’t hold it against me […]

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July 2016 Hasty Stitch Embroidery Challenge

Hasty Stitch is a monthly embroidery challenge for stitchers of all abilities. The only rule for Hasty Stitch is that you have fun! The descriptive words in the challenge can mean whatever you want them to mean. For example, if one of the challenge prompts […]

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The Hasty Stitch Embroidery Challenge Is Back!

Hello my stitchy friends! Do you remember back when I posted the Hasty Stitch Embroidery Challenge each month? Yes? No? Well – it’s coming back! This is a monthly embroidery challenge that was originally conceived by Kristin of Hey Paul Studios. There came a point in time […]

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Friday Instagram Finds

Did you know that in addition to blogging here I blog weekly over at Feeling Stitchy? I write a post that publishes every Friday called Friday Instagram Finds. FIF is a weekly curated post of embroidery and stitch-related artists on Instagram. Tomorrow edition #51 will […]

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