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#ThankStitching No. 12 with Virginia Sosa

Virginia Sosa Instagram: @nuevo.reino Website: Facebook: Embroidering unleashed my inner power to connect harmony and vision. I’m so thankful to this ancient rhythm played by hands and heart. #ThankStitching is a series of daily posts (and hourly posts on Thanksgiving) in the month of November in […]

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#ThankStitching No. 8 with Amy Byrne

Amy Byrne Instagram: @randomactsofamy Blog: Facebook: I picked November 8th to write about why I’m thankful because today is my mom’s birthday, and my love of creating started with her. {Happy Birthday, Mom!!} My mom is a very creative person, and I grew […]

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Backside of the Hoop with Claudia Jäggi

October’s Backside of the Hoop interview features Claudia Jäggi of Weissfeder! Claudia and I met through Instagram, and I greatly admire her work. She has such a unique style, and her landscape pieces are absolutely brilliant! Read on to learn about her embroidery story and process. […]

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