Cross Stitch Your Own Rose Faux Leather Cuff!

On Wednesday I posted about the fun faux leather cuffs my friends at DMC Commonthread sent me with the first project I made with them, a cross stitched Color Block cuff. I wanted to cross stitch a pattern that was a little more traditional, but with a modern twist, so I designed a cross stitch rose pattern. This time I used the navy blue colored cuff because I love the look of navy blue and pink. (Fun Fact: In high school I had a ski jacket that was navy blue with hot pink accents that I adored. Boy do I wish I had that coat!)

If you’d like to stitch your own cuff like mine, you can use the chart below or click on it to get the full size PDF.

Shop online at the Commonthread store for the supplies:

Cuffswhite, black, fuchsia, and denim

Tapestry needle The thicker eye and duller point was helpful when moving the needle through the cuff.

Floss <—– Click the word floss, then scroll down a bit and click the first color card on the left. That’s where you’ll find DMC 600, 602, & 1724. The third card has DMC 165, 732, 733, & 783.)

Have you tried stitching on the new faux leather stitchable cuffs from DMC yet? I’d love to see what you’ve made! Tag your post with #randomactsofamy and I’ll take a look. Happy Stitching!!